If you read Alex Marwood's THE WICKED GIRLS, her new one – THE KILLER NEXT DOOR – is even better. Scary as hell. Great characters. – Stephen King         With her sophomore outing, Marwood has turned out not just a spooky, blood-and-guts thriller, but a cannily observant novel that explores social fissures while delivering a modicum of hope – The Boston Globe         Alex Marwood’s second stand-alone novel delivers a multilayered plot that succeeds as crime fiction, a gothic tale, and a village mystery – all with an edge. While some scenes are gruesome enough to give Thomas Harris pause, The Killer Next Door is lyrically insightful [and a] gripping thriller. – The Associated Press         Dark, twisty and full of good surprises and insights. – Daily Mail         Marwood is emerging as a master of contemporary British suspense. – Booklist         I devoured The Wicked Girls over one weekend and loved it. I held my breath during the last few chapters — Erin Kelly on The Wicked Girls         Taut, assured and reminiscent of Ruth Rendell's psychological novels, Marwood's second book more than lives up to the promise shown in her splendid debut, THE WICKED GIRLS –  The Guardian         Nasty, compelling and original, the author has done it again with her second novel – The Sun         With the psychological acuity of Kate Atkinson and a dark wit all her own, Alex Marwood draws us into The Darkest Secret with utter narrative cunning, then surprises with its emotional wallop, its deeper resonances. In so doing, she demonstrates, without a doubt, that she is one of crime fiction's brightest stars. Not to be missed. – Megan Abbott         Oh my god, it is SO good. A work of genius. I'm in awe. – Mark Edwards         Simply tremendous, so tense and packed with pathos. I loved every page of it. – Sarah Hilary         Alex Marwood's The Darkest Secret is a feast of a book, a modern Greek tragedy with believable characters, a heart stopping plot and a brilliant triple jump of an ending that left me clutching the book. I haven't read anything so satisfying in a long time. I loved The Wicked Girls, but this is even better. – Jenny Eclair         A genuinely shocking thriller where nothing is what it seems. So good I wish I'd written it myself. – Val McDermid         A chilling thriller with a deftly woven plot: this is Marwood's best yet. – Clare Mackintosh         Brilliantly taut psychological thriller. – Bella on The Wicked Girls         If you like dark, twisted stories, I recommend this ... A thumping good read — Jenny Eclair on The Wicked Girls         A thriller that will have you compulsively flipping pages well into the small hours — Australian Women's Weekly         It was cleverly plotted and pacy, with all the storylines thundering towards a final, gripping conclusion. I loved it — Elizabeth Haynes on The Wicked Girls         The Wicked Girls is utterly compelling. It's psychologically rich, complex and masterfully plotted. I couldn't put it down, even when I sensed it was taking me somewhere very dark indeed. I can't wait to see what Alex Marwood comes up with next — Jojo Moyes on The Wicked Girls         Taut, gritty and utterly compelling — Lisa Jewell on The Wicked Girls         Genuinely disturbing and emotionally unsettling, The Wicked Girls is irresistible — Val McDermid on The Wicked Girls         The book of the year — The Sun        

The Wicked Girls

One summer morning, three little girls meet for the first time.

By the end of the day, two will be charged with murder.

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The Killer Next Door

No. 23 has a secret. In this gloomy, bedsit-riddled South London wreck, lorded over by a lecherous landlord, a horrifying collection quietly waits to be discovered.

Yet all six residents have something to hide.

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The Darkest Secret

When identical twin Coco goes missing during a family celebration, a media frenzy breaks out. Her parents are rich and influential, as are the friends they were with at their holiday home by the sea, and the guests’ talent for publicity pushes the case into the public eye.

But what really happened to Coco?

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